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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 1381 Tender Ref. Date: 07-10-2019
Tender Ref. No: SCL/PS/2019E0145101
Template Desc : Instructions to Tenderers (PT)
Sr No Description Value
6 . 1. This being a two part tender i.e. Technical and Commercial part separate, the Technical part should not contain Pricing information of the Tendered stores. The tenders containing Price details of the Tendered stores in Technical part will be summarily rejected. Prices should be indicated in the Price Bid template only. 2. Interested tenderers may, at their option, login to and submit offers as per details in the tender notification.
3. Request for the extension of the due date will not be considered.
4. SCL reserves the right to accept or reject any / or all the tenders in part or full without assigning any reasons thereof. The bidder is at liberty to seek information related to bidding conditions, bidding process and/or rejection of its bid.
5. In this tender either the Indian Agent on behalf of the Principal/OEM or the Principal/OEM itself can bid, but both cannot bid simultaneously for the same item. Indian agents while quoting on behalf of their principals shall provide necessary latest authorization letter obtained from their Principals/Manufacturers in their bid.
6. If an agent submits bid on behalf of the Principal/OEM, the same agent shall not submit a bid on behalf of another Principal/OEM in the tender for the same item. If submitted, all offers submitted by the said agent shall be excluded from the procurement process.
7. SCL reserves the right to exclude the bidder from procurement process who have not agreed to furnish Security Deposit and Performance Bank Guarantee as sought vide this tender.
8. In case the bidder gives shorter validity than the period specified in the tender enquiry. SCL reserves the right to exclude the bidder from procurement process.
9. Late tenders, delayed tenders, fax quotations and e-mail quotations are not considered. Only tender submitted through ISRO e-procurement portal shall be considered.
10. SCL reserves the right to verify all claims made by the bidder.
11. SCL reserves the right to change any milestone date of the tendering activity / tender schedule.
12. Tender which is not submitted as per the of instructions mentioned herein is liable to be rejected.
13. The purchaser shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right of acceptance of the whole or any part of the tender or portions of the quantity offered and the tenderer shall supply the same at the rates quoted.
14. It is expressly agreed that the acceptance of the Stores Contracted for is subject to final approval in writing by the Purchaser.
15. It is to be noted that the drawings, specifications, end-use, etc., given by the purchaser, are confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party.
16. Prices are required to be quoted according to the units indicated in the tender. When quotations are given in terms of units other than those specified in the tender form, relationship between the two sets of units must be furnished.
17. The Prices are to be mentioned both in figures as well as in words. The taxes, duties etc. are to be calculated and indicated in the column provided in online forms explicitly.
18. Bidders are expected to comply with commercial and other terms and conditions given in vendor specified terms of this tender. In case of any deviation, the reasons thereof should be clearly specified in the vendor specified terms column.
19. All available technical literature, catalogues and other data in support of the specifications and details of the items should be furnished along with the offer.
20. Samples, if called for, should be submitted free of all charges by the tenderer and the Purchaser shall not be responsible for any loss or damage thereof due to any reason whatsoever. In the event of non-acceptance of tender, the tenderer will have to remove the samples at his own expense.
21. Approximate net and gross weight of the items offered wherever required shall be indicated in your offer. If dimensional details are available the same should also be indicated in your offer.
22. Specifications: Stores offered should strictly confirm to our specifications. Deviations, if any, should be clearly indicated by the tenderer in his bid. The tenderer should also indicate the Make/Type number of the stores offered and provide catalogues, technical literature and samples, wherever necessary, along with the quotations. Test Certificates, wherever necessary, should be forwarded along with supplies. Wherever options have been called for in our specifications, the tenderer should address all such options. Wherever specifically mentioned by us, the tenderer could suggest changes to specifications with appropriate response for the same.
23. The tenderer should supply along with his tender, the name of his bankers as well as the latest Income-Tax clearance certificate duly countersigned by the Income-Tax Officer of the Circle concerned under the seal of his office, if required by the Purchaser.
24. The Purchaser reserves the right to place order on the successful tenderer for additional quantities up to 25% of the quantity offered by them at the rates quoted.
25. The contractor shall also undertake the supply of additional number of items covered by the order as considered necessary by the purchaser at a later date, the actual price to be paid shall be mutually agreed to after negotiations.
26. Subletting and Assignment: The contractor/supplier cannot sublet, transfer or assign the order/Contract or any part thereof or interests therein or benefit or advantage thereof in any manner whatsoever, to any other party without written consent of the purchaser. Such consent by the purchaser, however, shall not relieve or discharge the contractor/supplier from any obligation, duty or responsibility under the Purchase Order/ Contract.
27. The contractor/supplier shall indemnify the purchaser against Workmen Compensation Act.
28. The authority of the person submitting the tender, if called for, should be produced.
29. In case of Public Tender, the bids shall be opened in the presence of the bidders/their authorized representatives who may like to attend the tender opening against presentation of Authorization letter. In case of any breakdown in Server/Link, bid opening will be continued on the following dates
. The schedule of opening of Price bids shall be intimated separately to the technically qualified bidders only.
30. Definitions:
a) The term Purchaser shall mean the Director, Semi-Conductor Laboratory or his successors or assignees.
b)The term Contractor shall mean, the person, firm or company with whom or with which the order for the supply of stores is placed and shall be deemed to include the Contractors Successors, representatives, heirs, executors and administrators unless excluded by the Contract.
c) The term Purchase Order shall mean the communication signed on behalf of the Purchaser by an officer duly authorised intimating the acceptance on behalf of the Purchaser on the terms and conditions mentioned or referred to in the said communication accepting the Tender or offer of the Contractor for supply of stores of plant, machinery, Software or equipment or part thereof.
d) The term Stores shall mean all that the Contractor agrees to supply under the Contract as specified in the Purchase Order including its installation, testing and commissioning as per the specifications.
Technical Evaluation Criteria:
Vendor meeting the eligibility criteria and basic technical specifications mentioned in SCL Tender are likely to be considered to be technically qualified.
Evaluation of Price Bids
The following elements shall be considered for evaluation of Price Bids:
a. Price quoted by the bidder in the price bid template for meeting the functionalities given in the Tender and Technical Specifications sheet.
b. Compliance with the Payment Terms prescribed in this tender document. In the event, the bidder offers Payment Terms stringent than SCL prescribed Payment Terms, the bid of the bidder shall be loaded based on prime lending rate of RBI prevailing on the date of opening of price bids and as per Instructions of Government of India as applicable from time to time..
c. Post warranty labour only AMC charge including software upgrade support and trouble shooting shall not be taken into account for evaluation of price bids.
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